Starting a divorce and have some questions? Our family solicitors answer the top 5 FAQs

When you and your present spouse are considering a legal separation, it is more than likely that you will have some questions.

In the UK, the divorce process is divided into 3 separate elements and, while you may be tempted to try and navigate them alone, due to their complexity it is not normally advisable. As there are a number of areas that need to be covered which may invoke emotion, such as children, financial assets and property, it is always best to have an impartial professional to help you manage the process.… Read More


Confused about the divorce process in the UK? A basic guide from our divorce solicitors

If you are beginning the process of divorce, you may feel overwhelmed and intimidated by what is ahead.

While it is a common procedure in the UK, unless you have already been through a divorce, it is unlikely that you will know what to expect and so, it is wise to seek legal advice and representation as early as possible.

Many people attempt to avoid seeking legal advocacy, however, as they worry about the costs involved.… Read More


An introduction to our divorce solicitors in Weybridge

The breakdown of marriage is something you can never prepare for. If you have been dealing with issues within your marriage which you are unable to resolve, you may be considering filing for divorce. At Prentice Family Law, we are committed to providing our clients with expert legal advice and a customer service which leaves our clients satisfied with their experience with us.… Read More


Need some help choosing a divorce solicitor? Five top tips from Prentice Family Law

When you are looking for a solicitor to help you with your divorce, it is important to be able to identify what makes a good advocate for the ending of your marriage, as opposed to choosing an individual who may be more detrimental to it.

At such a sensitive time, you will need someone who is experienced in handling divorces but is also compassionate, and understands that this process is going to be emotionally draining for you.… Read More


Prentice Family Law: divorce solicitors in Weybridge

Finding a solicitor to help you to get divorced is not what you imagine you’ll need to do when you are planning your future with your betrothed. We know divorce can be difficult to contemplate when you are dealing with emotionally challenging circumstances; when things are coming to an end. Many people sadly find that they do need the help of divorce solicitors in Weybridge and at Prentice Family Law, we aim to help you through with support, efficiency and care.… Read More


Do you need divorce solicitors Guildford?

Getting divorced is never easy; it can be extremely emotional for people who were once in love to find that they are parting ways. Prentice Family Law specialises in making the legal aspects of family law easy to understand and accessible to all. We offer 7 days a week contactable hours, meaning that we can fit into your busy schedule and give you the advice you need.… Read More


Are you looking for divorce solicitors in Weybridge?

There is no escaping it, getting divorced can be a highly emotional time and getting legal representation to help you may seem daunting; but it needn’t be. At Prentice Family Law, we are divorce solicitors in Weybridge highly experienced in family law and we aim to provide you with a personal service that is tailored to meet your needs. We want you to trust that we’ve got everything in hand to ensure that you get the best out of a difficult situation.… Read More


Getting divorced? Prentice Family Law have divorce solicitors in Guildford

It may sound obvious, but if you take the difficult decision to get divorced, you are going to need expert legal advice and, in the majority of cases, representation. Prentice Family Law is a firm that puts the needs of clients at the centre of everything we do. We want you to trust that we will give you the best advice that’s tailored to your particular needs and we will do that by listening and communicating with you, every step of the way.… Read More


Call the divorce solicitors in Weybridge for advice

Divorce can often be a complicated and strenuous event. To consider taking on such a life-changing event in your life, it is imperative you have access to all the right information. Consequently, this is why here, at Prentice Family Law, we strive to work tirelessly for our clients.

We are a small family-run law firm, who offers a service of dedication to our clients that many big law firms may not be able to do.… Read More


Divorce solicitors in Guildford for unmarried couples?

A divorce for an unmarried couple poses somewhat of a paradox. However, this is more important than you might think. Nobody plans to go for a picnic in the rain, but it is helpful to bring an umbrella just in case. Likewise, divorce solicitors in Guildford at the Prentice Family Law can help manage, advise, and organise your rights and entitlements in case of separation during a marriage or otherwise.… Read More