A no-fault divorce system was introduced last year after many decades of petition and debate. It enables couples to separate with minimal conflict in comparison to the previous process where you needed to provide proof of unreasonable behaviour, adultery, desertion or separation. Rather the no-fault divorce process allows couples to focus on the children, finances and simply diffusing the tension in an amicable manner. The no-fault divorce process takes approximately 30 weeks and is a simple online application which can be submitted independently or as a couple. There is very little or no chance of defending a divorce application being made against you and this significantly reduces costs, conflict and complication for everyone involved. However, there are still many factors which need to be considered, discussed and agreed upon before you put the application in place or before the divorce is agreed to avoid conflict and complications in the future.

The role of our divorce solicitors

To help you make the correct decisions and to come to reasonable agreements you need to speak to our divorce solicitors in Weybridge at Prentice Family Law. At Prentice Family Law we have over 20 years of experience in dealing with complex divorce cases. We have dealt with high profile divorces, complex financial issues, domestic abuse cases and others which are complicated due to childcare arrangements and child welfare. We have a five star rating which you can read about on our website and we help our clients with our extensive knowledge and expertise, but also by providing our understanding and support during this difficult time. Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge are dedicated to finding constructive solutions to any divorce complications and reducing stress for you and your loved ones.

For friendly and professional advice you can book a free initial consultation with one of our divorce solicitors in Weybridge. We will help you understand the process as well as the legal implications that will be involved. We will talk to you about our services and our pricing and try to work to your budget. Although we are based in Surrey we can represent clients across the country. If you are not ready to speak to us then you can fill in our enquiry form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can chat to our online agent or you can email us as a team or one of our solicitors privately.

The aim of our divorce solicitors is to help you complete the divorce process in a non-confrontational, and where possible, amicable manner. We will advise that you seek mediation to avoid taking the matter to court. However, if you are not able to reach an agreement then we are able to take strong legal action on your behalf, representing you to the best of our ability with our extensive knowledge and expertise to help achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. Speak to us at Prentice Family Law today and let us guide you during this difficult time in your life.