The establishment of the no-fault divorce system means that the application process for divorce is much easier than it was previously. Couples are now able to separate amicably without having to blame one another for the breakdown of the marriage. This means a lot less conflict, hurt and upset, and it means in a lot of cases both parties can maintain an amicable relationship. This is important for many different reasons and can be achieved with the help of our divorce solicitors in Guildford.

The effects of divorce on children

One of the major concerns when people decide to separate is the welfare of the children. To be able to maintain an amicable relationship has a significant impact on your children’s lives. Studies show that when parents go through a divorce this can cause children to become insecure, it can result in emotional and behavioural problems and it can lead to guilt, sadness and depression. This can continue into adulthood and affect the rest of their lives, including their own marriages and their relationship with their children. However if dealt with in the correct manner, especially if your relationship has become difficult or toxic, then divorce can have a positive effect on children and has even said to promote resilience and adaptability.

Child custody

Millions of children across the country are affected by divorce, therefore it is very important that the process is dealt with correctly to reduce the impact that it has. You need to speak to our divorce solicitors in Guildford if you are considering applying for a divorce, so that you can be aware of what will happen to your children if the divorce does go ahead and you can secure the best possible outcome for them.

Here, at Prentice Family Law, child welfare is a top priority with our divorce solicitors in Guildford. We understand that sometimes it is better for the children if the parents separate rather than continue to live together. We will help you put together the best plan for them that works in their favour as well as yours. Although the divorce process has become easier, family law remains complex and can have significant emotional turmoil for you too. The new rules provide a more flexible approach to child custody making sure that families are treated fairly and that children are happy with the decisions made. Our divorce solicitors will recommend mediation where you work together with a trained mediator to help you reach an agreement with regard to child custody, encouraging co-parenting and helping you to resolve any disputes with reduced stress and conflict.

At Prentice Family Law we have extensive experience in dealing with all types of divorce cases including complicated divorce cases. Each family is unique. We are here to offer our experience and expertise as well as a friendly ear at this difficult time. We will ease the process for you and your loved ones and our aim is to help you get through this difficult time with as little conflict and complication as possible. Speak to us at Prentice Family Law today in complete confidence and find out how we can help with your case.