Are you experiencing difficulties in your family life? Are you and your partner unable to sort out your differences? Is it time to separate? The thought of divorce can be terrifying, especially when there are children involved; however, this is not a reason to remain in an unhappy marriage. At Prentice Family Law, our divorce solicitors in Weybridge can help deal with all aspects of family law providing exceptional customer service in this difficult time of your life.

The effects of an unhappy marriage

Remaining in an unhappy marriage has a negative impact on all aspects of your life. It can affect your mental health, your overall well-being, your daily activities, your work and career, and it can affect your confidence and self-esteem. At the same time it has a huge negative impact on your children’s life. Studies show that conflict between parents has a significant impact on the social and emotional well-being of children resulting in anxiety and depression, behavioural issues as well as problems at school and with learning. Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will speak to you to make sure whether or not your differences are irretrievable and if so we will guide you through the divorce process and ensure a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.

Legal advice with Prentice family law

To begin with we offer you a free telephone consultation. You can explain your situation and here what we have to say using our extensive experience from the last 20 years of dealing with different types of families and different types of issues. We will provide you with impartial advice and you can rest assured that we have your, and your children’s, best interests at heart. If you are confident that there is an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage then we can help you with the application process. If you and your partner decide to make a joint application then this can ease the process. We will make sure that all documents are correctly completed and submitted in a timely manner to prevent any unnecessary complications or delays.

A relatively straightforward divorce takes approximately six months allowing you to reflect on your decision and make sure that this is what you truly want. Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will make sure that your rights are adhered to at all times and we will help you negotiate a reasonable financial agreement or settlement. We will help you negotiate childcare arrangements, including living arrangements and childcare maintenance where applicable. We encourage mediation which involves listening to each other, taking into consideration your partner’s thoughts and feelings on the children as well as the practical arrangements of how the children’s life will continue after you separate. We will also make you aware of your rights and your parental responsibility which are different post-divorce in comparison to looking after your children as a married couple.

In some families there may be a history of domestic abuse, or coercive and controlling behaviour; our specialist divorce solicitors in Weybridge will deal with your case accordingly. Whichever situation you find yourself in, if you believe that you cannot go on any further then speak to us at Prentice Family Law today and let us help you find a way out and bring positivity into your life and your children’s lives once more.