We’ve got your back

At Prentice Family Law, we are divorce solicitors in Guildford that recognises the pain and pressure that many of our clients are under during a divorce or separation.

Our expert divorce solicitors take the time to get to know each client on a personal basis, in order to provide legal support that best reflects their needs. In cases where child custody must be decided we always work in the best interest of the child, and will work closely with all the involved parties to work out an amicable and agreeable solution.

What can a divorce solicitors in Guildford do?

When carrying out divorce or separation proceedings, we believe that the easiest, cheapest and most agreeable solutions are the ones that are worked out directly between both couples.

This is called meditation, and can be an effective way of making sure both parties communicate in a leveled and calm way when they discuss the divorce proceedings.

During these mediation sessions our divorce solicitors in Guildford will attempt to facilitate an agreeable solution and take extensive notes of everything that is discussed.

However, at Prentice Family Law we also understand that for some couples – where tensions and relations are highly strung – these mediation sessions are not always an option.

If it is difficult to get both parties to come to an arrangement themselves then we can arrange for the decision to be determined by a court.

Child inclusive mediation

At Prentice Family Law we also provide child inclusive mediation sessions. Unlike the name may suggest, this does not mean that the child will be present throughout all mediation proceedings and be a part of the process.

Rather, child inclusive mediation is designed to give the child a ‘voice’ during their parents separation. It is common during separations that children do not have an independent, external individual to discuss their own opinions about the separation to.

Child inclusive mediation sessions are only carried out with permission from both parents, and involve giving the child a safe space and pair of impartial ears to voice their opinions to.

The information that a child gives to their mediator is entirely up to them, and they also have the ability to decide what of the information they’ve shared should be brought up during mediation sessions with their parents.

Child inclusive mediation is not there to force a child to decide the custody outcome of a divorce, but rather to give them a chance to be heard in a clear and concise way – without emotions getting in the way.

Getting the ball rolling

At Prentice Family Law, we recognise that – for many – the most difficult stage in the entire divocce process is making the initial phone call to our expert divorce solicitors.

This is why we always approach every new case with a fresh perspective, and do all we can from the outset to make sure that clients feel heard and appreciated.

No two divorce or separation cases are ever the same, and they are often the most challenging and stressful undertakings a couple can go through. Our divorce solicitors are expert listeners and never make any attempt to confuse clients with legal jargon.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, there is no need to feel that you have to do it alone. Help is out there, and by simply reaching out to our considerate and professional team we can help share the brudon and get you the best possible result from a bad situation.