Do you need a divorce solicitor in Weybridge?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences to endure in life, its impact is often wider reaching than initially believed. Prentice Family Law are divorce solicitors in Weybridge who are here to help you if you are experiencing the breakdown of your marriage.

Prentice Family Law’s team of divorce solicitors in Weybridge wants to make the ending of your marriage as pain-free as possible.… Read More


Do you require divorce solicitors in Guildford?

The Prentice Family Law team, divorce solicitors in Guildford, are here to offer you an advice service that is accurate and looks to meet your needs. We understand that you may have found life stressful following the breakdown of your marriage.

Maybe you feel lost and are struggling to find the right direction to go in, or you are finding it hard to talk to someone to fully express what your needs are.… Read More


Who is Prentice Family Law?

We here at Prentice Family Law are committed divorce solicitors in Weybridge. We pride ourselves on being the best choice for our clients through being a modern, clear thinking, client focused firm, who has a need to do what is right for every single client. We are on hand to help our clients when they require assistance going through life changing events.… Read More


Do I need a divorce lawyer?

We here at Prentice Family Law are committed divorce solicitors in Guildford. We can be there for you when you need us most. We fully understand that going through a divorce can be a scary and unprecedented time, so we want to ensure that our clients feel we are a friendly and approachable team. A divorce solicitor could be imperative to ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to settling your divorce and being certain that all parties involved are treated with the utmost respect.… Read More


I am going through a divorce

A divorce can be a scary and confusing time, which is why it can be a good reason to seek the right kind of help and support. We understand that when your world turns upside down you may need assistance in getting your life back on track after the end of a relationship. Finding the right sort of support is imperative in this kind of situation.… Read More


Who are Prentice Family Law?

As divorce solicitors in Guildford, Prentice Family Law is committed to supporting all of our clients in their time of need. We have a wide domestic and international reach, meaning that we can support many different clients with many different issues. We harness the expertise and experience deemed necessary to best be able to support you when you require us most.… Read More


The history of divorces

Divorces in ancient times

Divorces have been viewed by the public and by the law in very different ways throughout history. The first cultures where getting a divorce became an institution were ancient cultures, such as the ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. The citizens of ancient Athens could divorce freely, if the person requesting the divorce provided reasonable grounds for the divorce to the magistrate.… Read More


What could lead to divorce?

The history of divorces

Divorce is a term that refers to the dissolution of a marriage. Divorces first appeared in the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. Athenians were quite liberal towards divorces, however the person applying for a divorce had to give reasons for the divorce to a magistrate, who determined if those reasons were sufficient enough to authorise the divorce.… Read More


What causes a divorce and how to cope with it?

What is a divorce and what causes it?

The term divorce refers to the termination of a marriage. Cultural attitudes throughout history have varied greatly towards divorce. Citizens of Western countries today have a right to divorce. There are numerous reasons that can be behind getting a divorce. A management consultancy company that is based in the United Kingdom prepares an annual report on the causes of divorces by surveying family lawyers.… Read More


How does a divorce work and what causes them?

Divorces in the ancient and middle ages

The word divorce refers to the termination of a marriage. Throughout history attitudes towards divorces have varied a lot. Divorce has been documented by historians in ancient cultures, such as the ancient Romans and Greeks. The citizens of Athens were mostly liberal towards divorce and allowed them to happen with good enough reasons. The reasons had to be submitted to a magistrate by the party requesting the divorce, who determined whether the given reasons were sufficient to terminate the marriage.… Read More