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The True Cost Of Online Divorces

If you type divorce into Google, chances are it would show on the searches that you would be able to get divorced for as little £37.

As appealing as the price may seem, things are often too good to be true.

The enticing advert may appear to be a great money saver, but it is not possible to get divorced for £37; in all cases there are court fees to pay, which are currently £550.

The £37 is essentially for the court forms which you are required to complete in order to initiate the divorce process. These forms are actually available for free on the government website.

So, are DIY online divorces always a bad idea?

Not necessarily.

There could be a place for a simple, uncontested online divorce. If you are a divorcing couple who rents property, has no children and few assets, which can be divided up relatively simply and amicably – such as “I’ll take the books and you take the CDs” – then the easiest and quickest route to dissolving your marriage could be a low-cost website.

The actual divorce process is, in reality, a relatively straightforward procedural process or paperwork exercise.

Getting a divorce involves more than dissolving a marriage and it is often the more practical aspects of separation that are harder to resolve.

The divorce process will not solve any issues concerning finances or the welfare of the children. It will not solve who receives what from the capital assets and income available or who the children will live with or how much contact the absent parent will have.

The essential thing is that you understand the process and what options are available to you. Most on line divorce services do not offer the services of a trained and experienced divorce lawyer. What solicitors offer, and what Paul offers, is tailored advice on children and finances at a reasonable cost.

A solicitor will ensure a sensible and fair agreement is put in place that will offer you security for the future.
Each case will have a unique set of facts and circumstances which need to be considered in order to reach a fair settlement for both parties.

A good divorce solicitor will be able to talk you through your options so that you can fully understand your situation. If your case is simple and you can do some things yourselves, then this should be made clear to you.

Saving money in the short term could be damaging in the long term. Even if you are on good terms with your ex partner and have decided how to proceed, it could be risky not to have this secured by a court order. An informal arrangement may mean that an ex partner can pursue you in the future, unless the agreement you reach is approved by the court and made into a court order.

So is a cheap online divorce for you? If your separation is straightforward, then perhaps yes. However, you should seek legal advice for related matters, such as finances and children matters.
Otherwise your divorce won’t cost you £37 – in fact it might cost you much more than you ever imagined.

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