Do you want to start the divorce process? You will need a bit of legal help!

When you come to our team at Prentice Family Law, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will make your separation as easy as we can, minimising stress to you and any children you have and will treat your case with compassion and care.

Do you want to know a bit more about the process before calling us? Read on for common FAQs about divorce answered by our divorce solicitors in Guildford.

Can you manage the difficult aspects of the divorce for me?

Our divorce solicitors in Guildford will aim to manage as much of the divorce process as we can for you. But be aware that you will need to attend mediation meetings with your ex-spouse for the divorce to go ahead.

How long does the divorce process take

A straightforward divorce in the UK from the petition being submitted to the decree absolute takes an average of 6 months.

However, if there are complications, such as your ex-spouse being uncooperative, or there are lots of assets to discuss alongside childcare, then the process will take longer. Please note that under UK law, if you have submitted divorce papers and your former spouse is deemed to be mentally unwell, vulnerable, or in a psychiatric hospital, the process will be delayed until they are deemed well enough to understand the process. If this is deemed to be improbable, then a proxy will be arranged to agree to the divorce on their behalf.

Will I need to attend mediation?

In the UK, even with no-fault separations, you will need to attend mediation. This will involve our solicitor and your spouse’s solicitor meeting with you and your ex-spouse to discuss the reasons why your marriage broke down and to see if there is a resolution that can be met. Even if you are both already in new relationships, you will need to attend these meetings for the divorce to go ahead, but if you have recently moved away, they can be attended via meeting platforms like Skype.

How soon after I begin divorcing my ex will I be able to get remarried?

A straightforward divorce will take around 6 months, as will a no-fault divorce.

But, you should not be making plans or booking venues to get remarried until you have the decree absolute in your hands. This document represents the end of your divorce, and, simply put, you cannot get remarried in the UK without it. So, if you are looking to remarry, you will need to wait until the end of the process before you begin thinking of tying the knot again!

How much does a divorce cost?

Each divorce is different, so our team will only be able to give you an estimated cost relating to your divorce when you contact us, and we begin looking through your case.

But, as you can imagine, when it comes to divorce proceedings that go through court (which we will always aim to avoid), the cost will be more than if they were settled in an external setting. So, we will aim to keep the process straightforward and as amicable as possible between you and your ex-spouse to keep costs down.