New Year Divorces

Blue Monday – Divorce Monday – New Year Divorces

First there was Black Friday and now today is widely known as Blue Monday. Analysis has shown that today is the glummest day as millions return to work; rain, debt and divorce make it the worst day of the year.

According to researchers who have analysed more than 2 million tweets over the past three years, the first Monday back from work in the New Year is the day when people post the most negative tweets. Often people will also ask themselves when is it time to get a divorce? Perhaps the festive season has put extra strain on an already strained marriage and issues are more predominant during this period.

Today has also been dubbed Divorce Monday by legal experts. It is the most popular day of the year for starting divorce proceedings and January is the busiest divorce month, with twice as many divorces being filed as the second most popular month September.

According to Divorce – an online divorce specialist – 1.8 million couples will have rowed over the festive break. They asked 1,000 people to name the factors that caused marital strain over Christmas – with financial pressure, excess alcohol, disagreements with the in-laws and rows over chores coming out on top of the list often leading to couples asking themselves when should I get a divorce?

Ruth Sutherland, chief executive of Relate, explained that January is one of the busiest times of the year for their relationship counsellors. She said: ‘New Year is a time many of us assess how life is going and this can make people think about how relationships are faring.’ Those longing for happier days will have to wait until Valentine’s Day, as researchers in a separate study say the happiest days of the year are Christmas Eve and Day, followed by New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the first sunny weekend of the year.

Thinking of separating and making a new start in the New Year is never and easy decision and so for support and help, email Paul Prentice for an initial free consultation.