Although over 150,000 divorces are settled in the UK every year, most people are still unaware of what a divorce involves and the processes that it entails. Even if someone has been married for many years, it is possible that the thought of divorce may have come up.

If you find yourself in a sad or loveless marriage and divorce has been on your mind, then speak to us at Prentice Family Law to find out what we can do to help you. The main reason for divorce is that a marriage has irretrievably broken down with no chance of reconciliation, and either of the spouses can file for one as long as one of them is a resident of the UK.

To establish an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage, your partner must be liable for at least one of the following five actions:

  • adultery
  • unreasonable behaviour
  • desertion for more than 2 years
  • separation for over 2 years and an agreement to divorce
  • separation for 5 years with no agreement to divorce

Evidencing these actions can lead to much disagreement; therefore, it is important to have legal representation from the onset by one of our divorce solicitors in Weybridge to make the process easier for all parties involved.

Our solicitor can help ease the process for you

Recently, there has been much talk about the implementation of major changes in divorce law, and the process is hopefully becoming easier than it has been in previous years. Until then, by speaking to our divorce solicitors in Weybridge, you can find out exactly what your rights are and how you can achieve a positive outcome for yourself under your circumstances. We aim to carry out your divorce proceedings politely and pleasantly rather than the aggressive and confrontational blame game that it can turn out to be.

Take away the complications of your case

You may have come across much information on the internet regarding divorce, and the more you read, the more complicated it may seem. So, here at Prentice Family Law, we offer a free telephone consultation for you to discuss your situation with us and let us determine the most suitable way to proceed with your case. By delegating your divorce proceedings to our knowledgeable and experienced solicitors at Prentice Family Law, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. We will work hard to put together a strong case so that you can achieve a positive outcome for yourself and all those who are involved.

We can offer off-hours appointments and consult you over the telephone or even through Skype whenever you are unable to visit us in person. We will deal with all aspects of your case in a timely and accurate manner to prevent any further complications or delays while making the process as convenient as possible for you. So speak to us at Prentice Family Law today and seek the advice and representation of one of our excellent divorce solicitors in Weybridge.