If you are in the midst of divorcing your partner then you could consider using the services of a  Divorce Solicitor in Weybridge. Divorce solicitors from Prentice Family Law can assist you during your divorce proceedings, to ensure that you understand the process as well as being able to answer any questions you may have. Solicitors understand the process of divrce and can assist you in all the stages that are involved, right from the petrion to the end result. Solicitors can assist you with all of the necessary paperwork and assist with court hearings. This article will run though the length of time for a divorce as well as when clients are able to petition a divorce. You can use the information found in this article as well as further information that can be found on the website to see if this is the correct service for you.

Why does it take so long to divorce?

The average time for a dirvorce is six months but each individual case can take more or less times. The length of time a divorce takes can differ depending on both parties involved in the divorce as well as the court’s workload at that time. Divorce sometimes is labeled as a lengthy and expensive process, however with the right Divorce Solicitor in Weybridge clients can be assured that they have the correct representation who will make their divorce proceeding as efficient and as cost effective as possible. If you think that this service could be for you, then you should consider setting up a free telephone consultation to determine how this service can assist you as you go through the divrorce process. The website can also be used to answer any questions that you may have so you can have peace of mind and confidence that you are making the right decision. You should read on to the next section to see what grounds you can divoce your partner on.

Do you have to wait 2 years before divorce?

The length of time you need to wait before filing for a divorce can depend on the reason why you intend to divorce your partner. When the time frame of two years comes into play it involves you and your partner living separately for two or more years. In this situation if both you and your partner agree to the dirvorce, then proceedings can begin.  If your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of two years or more, in this case you can also file for divorce. The time frame for how long you must wait before filing for a divorce can be lengthened to five or more years when you and your partner have been living separately, however in this case you can go ahead with the divorce without their permission. There are a few different reasons that you could use to file for divorce, this includes when your partner has committed adultery and you cannot continue to live with them. Ill behaviour is also a reason why clients choose to divorce their partners. Divorce Solicitor in Weybridge can assist you petition for a divorce, for any of these five reasons.