Getting divorced is never easy; it can be extremely emotional for people who were once in love to find that they are parting ways. Prentice Family Law specialises in making the legal aspects of family law easy to understand and accessible to all. We offer 7 days a week contactable hours, meaning that we can fit into your busy schedule and give you the advice you need. What’s more, we also offer a free initial telephone consultation, where we can discuss your particular situation and give you guidance that’s tailored to your needs. We can plan a strategy of how to proceed and we can estimate costs. We also offer Skype calls, email, letter or telephone communication, if you can’t visit us in our offices.

What we do

If you need to get divorced, we help with three main issues related to this area of family law; finances, children and the divorce process.

Some people find the idea of getting divorced particularly stressful when they imagine that it is going to cost them a lot of money to do so, but the divorce process itself is simple to estimate.

The process of getting divorced starts with a petition to court to allow you to dissolve the marriage; it ends with the decree absolute, which legally confirms your marriage is dissolved. The legal paperwork can be completed by you and it won’t cost you a penny. If you choose to get help from divorce solicitors in Guildford, here at Prentice Family Law, we charge a fixed fee plus VAT. This means that we will deal with all of the paperwork and, no matter how long it takes, it won’t cost you any more than this. There is also the court fee and this is the standard fee you will pay to get your paperwork processed. The divorce papers do not cover the arrangements for finances or children.

Finances and divorce

We always advise that clients seek legal support as early as possible for financial agreements as this can be the most sensitive and complex aspect of divorce. Organising this will run alongside divorce proceedings. With expert knowledge, getting the representation of divorce solicitors in Guildford is what we are here for, and we understand how difficult it will be for you; let us advise and support you through this time and help you to reach a fair settlement for all.


It is ideal if parents of children can come to an amicable solution for the arrangements for their children following divorce. Children’s happiness and welfare should be the main priority. If a suitable solution cannot be agreed upon, however, there are steps that we can take in order to find an outcome that is best for the children involved. With our experience and knowledge in this field, we are confident that we can give you excellent advice about how matters should be handled. If you have any questions, we are approachable and friendly; we’re here for you.

While we know that getting divorced is not going to be emotionally easy, let us help you to find a way through it that is as legally straightforward as possible. We want you to feel listened to, prepared for and your legal rights represented, every step of the way.