For the first time in 50 years, divorce laws were revised, and we saw the introduction of the no-fault divorce system. The application process for a no-fault divorce is quite straightforward and can be carried out using the government website or via a postal application. The application can either be made by yourself or a joint application. When one person decides to file for divorce, the other partner will not be able to dispute the application, and this means the process is a lot more amicable in comparison to the previous legislation, which required proof of adultery, unreasonable behaviour or separation. If you have decided that you have reached the end of your marriage or fallen out of love with your spouse, then a no-fault divorce system would be the ideal solution for you. Within six months, you can be officially separated from one another, so if this is what you are looking for, speak to our divorce solicitors at Prentice Family Law and find out how we can help make the process simpler and easier for you. Our team will make sure that you achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and your loved ones.

The role of our divorce solicitors in Weybridge

Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge have extensive experience dealing with complicated family problems. We can support and represent clients across the country and internationally where required. You can visit us in person, speak to us over the phone or email us. If you would like us to get in touch, you can simply fill out our online form with your query, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Moreover, we recommend that you speak to us before you begin the application process since even the timing of the application could affect the outcome. We will speak to you about whether or not you want to make a sole application or whether you will be submitting a joint application. We will make sure that you carry out each part of the process promptly so that there are no delays.

Once you make the initial application, there will be a 20-week cooling-off period. During this time, our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will help you make arrangements for your future; this includes financial and childcare arrangements. We hope that you can come to a mutual agreement with your partner concerning these issues; however, in most cases, it is important that you have mediation, and our divorce solicitors will be here to make you aware of your rights as well as your obligations. We will make sure that all agreements are fair and in your best interests as well as the interests of your children. As we mentioned earlier, with the help of our divorce solicitors at Prentice Family Law, the divorce process can be completed within as little as six months, and we will make sure that any agreements are written up and approved by the court so that there will be no complications in the future.