For many people, the idea of getting divorced is taxing both emotionally and mentally. Here at Prentice Family Law, we strive to make the process as simple and as stress-free as possible with the help of divorce solicitors in Weybridge on your side.

Not only will we provide legal counsel and expertise, but support and access to advice to help you throughout the process, from start to finish. We believe it is essential to have the right representation in order to achieve the best outcome for both parties involved.

Questions such as what rights you are entitled to as the petitioner or other party, the grounds for divorce and living arrangements will all be answered. In addition, your divorce solicitors in Weybridge are able to assist with queries regarding custody pertaining to children, issues of adultery, and separation.

Main grounds for divorce unveiled

If you’re looking to file a petition for divorce with divorce solicitors in Weybridge, there will need to be valid grounds for divorce in order for this to take place. This may include any one of the reasons which are stated below:

If your spouse has committed the act of adultery during your marriage it will be recognised as a valid reason to file for divorce. Should your partner be unfaithful, and you feel that you  can no longer continue with the marriage as a result of his or her actions, you will be able to enlist our help with issuing a petition for divorce.

The second legitimate cause for divorce involves your spouse’s behaviour. If you feel that their behaviour is unreasonable and as such do not wish to remain together you will be able to proceed with divorce proceedings.

Another reason that would allow you to request a divorce to be filed involves periods of separation between you as a couple. For example, if a couple have been living apart for more than two years or if a couple are deemed legally married, but have not shared a marital home for over five years.

What happens after the decree nisi is pronounced?

If you have successfully established grounds for divorce that are deemed valid, a decree nisi is a legal document which in essence stipulates that the court does not see any reason preventing you from proceeding with your request for divorce.

Following this, the court is then free to make an order that relates to issues regarding finance between the married couple involved in the divorce proceeding. Once this is established it will come into effect after the process is finalised and both parties will receive a decree absolute.

When is divorce mediation advised for clients?

For couples that wish to enter into a divorce proceeding we do recommend considering mediation as a first port of call. This may result in both parties enjoying a better outcome. We also suggest that the cost of the mediation is shared evenly between both parties as that way each side has a vested interest in the result which could lead to a fairer process.