Are you looking to file for divorce and are considering employing divorce solicitors in Guildford? Here at Prentice Family Law, we offer legal representation, counsel, and support for those involved in divorce.

Gain access to our divorce solicitors in Guildford to assist you with your case and help to reduce your stress during the process. We understand it is an incredibly challenging time for all parties involved and we are on hand to offer unlimited support and professional legal advice to assist you each step of the way.

For those that are considering mediation as the first step we are also able to assist and our divorce solicitors in Guildford can help simplify the process.

Is mediation a good first step to undertake?

Divorces can be complex and at times there are many factors to consider. Here at Prentice Family Law, we recommend that our clients consider the idea of divorce mediation. This can lead to finding a resolution where both parties leave satisfied with the results and often the outcome is fair on both sides.

Is there ever a scenario where mediation is not advised?

In most cases we would like to recommend mediation for couples. However, there are a few instances where it is not recommended to set up mediation. This can pertain to cases where there are allegations of domestic or sexual abuse or any acts of violence between the couple. If there is a risk to the wellbeing and safety of the client, we advise avoiding mediation and continuing with filing for divorce. Other factors include cases where bankruptcy is involved or alleged between parties.

Is it true that my spouse can refuse to grant me a divorce?

It is possible in some cases that a spouse can refuse a petition for divorce. If this were to occur, it would result in the case heading to court where a judge will then intervene and decide regarding the case to determine whether the party petitioning has valid reasons for filing the divorce petition.

What exactly takes place during a divorce hearing?

The first step is finding valid grounds for divorce and if one or more of these conditions are met then the client is able to proceed. The client will then be referred to as the petitioner and will enlist the help of a divorce solicitor.

The petition is issued, and the spouse will be notified and issued with a document referred to as an acknowledgement of service. The spouse will then be known as the respondent and will need to complete the paperwork and return it to the court in order to have the divorce proceeding finalised.

A copy of the paperwork is sent by the court to the solicitors involved in the case and they will assist in preparing additional documents. This step in the process is referred to as the ‘decree nisi’. Following this, the petitioner is able to apply for a ‘decree absolute’ which is required in order to be legally divorced. As a petitioner you have the ability to apply for this document exactly six weeks and one full day after the announcement of the decree nisi. Once both parties receive the decree absolute the marriage is officially dissolved, and you will be deemed legally single.