If you’re going through a divorce, it might be possible that you have no idea how the financial matters are taken into account. Our divorce solicitors in Guildford want you to know that they’re here to help you understand the financial side of things, allowing them to run smoothly alongside your divorce. The best way to get on top of the proceedings is to have one of our divorce solicitors in Guildford on your team and by your side from start to finish.

Here at Prentice Family Law, it is important to us that you understand every step of the legal proceedings regarding your case. We’ll take the time to explain, procedure by procedure, as well as being available to answer any of your questions and squash your concerns. We understand that each case is completely unique to the one before it, just like the family it comes with. We’ll apply our knowledge, skills and experience liberally to combat any issues you bring to us.

In this short article, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will cover the basics of financial divorce as well as touching on the family mediation services we provide.

Division of income

It is important to know that there is no set formula used when it comes to dividing income and assets between parties, but our solicitors will keep you updated on the exact way your income is being split up. At this stage, it really is important that you seek out legal help, as your income and assets include the home, business interests, trusts, pensions and future earnings. Take advantage of our free initial telephone consultation to find out more!


Before any decisions are made regarding financial matters and childcare arrangement, yourself and your ex-partner will have to attend mediating appointments that will help to work out your divorces and everything included. The mediator appointed to your case is not allowed to offer legal advice generally or specific to your case, they will simply help to work out disputes and offer solutions to general problems you might be facing. The mediator in this instance will work with the couple as a whole, as opposed to legal mediators who will work with their client on an individual basis.

Legal mediation

As previously mentioned, general mediators are unable to offer legal advice, but one of our solicitors can do just that. It can be extremely helpful to seek out legal advice before attending your mediation appointments so that you are completely ready with information that can help you out and also keep yourself protected. Legal mediators are also important once the initial mediation meetings are finalised, as only they can convert the Memorandum of Understanding into a consent order that will be sealed by the court.

High net worth divorce

We have the experience, knowledge and sensitivity required to handle cases that include a high net worth. Divorces under this label require the kind of confidentiality that our solicitors are trained to offer, as well as fast responses and more subject specific information.