The divorce procedure can be a complex process fraught with pitfalls for those without the due legal knowledge, which is why it is always a better idea to seek the invaluable help of our highly capable divorce solicitors in Guildford to point out the dos and don’ts of the process. In addition to this our specialist divorce solicitors in Guildford at Prentice Family Law are best placed to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed so that there are no delays that may prolong the already emotionally-taxing divorce process.

It may well be tempting to opt for any legal advice including so-called ‘armchair experts’ to either speed up the process or to save on legal fees, but this often proves to be the least wise choice of action to take, as any decisions made can have far reaching adverse consequences. The payoffs of finding the right legal help are significant. Our divorce solicitors in Guildford work to achieve one goal – that of protecting the rights and interests of our clients and we do this using the most amicable approach possible. When in need of legal help to see through a divorce successfully and with the least amount of stress, here are a few tips to consider in the selection process.

Tips on finding the best divorce solicitor

There is no better legal professional than an expert divorce lawyer with the relevant knowledge and practical experience in guiding one through a divorce. Here’s how to go about finding the most reliable legal help.

Decide on the exact expertise needed

There are many different types of divorce cases from the simple and straightforward where only paperwork needs to be filed, to those involving domestic abuse or financial arrangements or children. The solicitor chosen needs to have the expertise to handle a client’s individual situation.

Make good use of a free consultation

An initial free consultation is a good opportunity to determine how suitable the law firm is to handle your case. A prospective client can decide on the worthiness of the approach put forward by the divorce solicitor, as well as decide how confident and comfortable he or she feels in having to work closely with this solicitor. In addition to the approach, this consultation can also be used to determine what the cost of getting a divorce is.

Experience should always be a top priority

The legal complexities of the divorce process are best understood and, most importantly for the client, best explained in layman’s terms by an experienced dedicated divorce lawyer. Our team of legal divorce specialists have guided clients through simple divorce cases and have the required negotiating skills to tackle complex cases successfully.

Personal recommendations are always useful in finding a legal professional, but each client’s case is different and needs a unique approach. This means finding a solicitor that is the best fit for an individual situation will require you to factor in specific skills and experience pertinent to your situation. To find out how we at Prentice Family Law can help you, why not schedule a free initial consultation with one of our friendly divorce experts?