Protecting your best interests

At Prentice Family Law, we recognise that divorces and separations are some of the hardest things that many people ever have to go through.

Our divorce solicitors in Guildford understands that no two separations are ever the same, and that – more often than not – the parties involved in the divorce may not see eye-to-eye.

This is why we work closely with our clients and all involved parties to come up with an amicable solution in which nobody feels they’ve ‘lost out’.

What can a divorce solicitors in Guildford do for me?

Often, the most difficult stage in any divorce case is actually getting things off the ground.

At Prentice Family Law we understand this, which is why the first conversation we have with clients is always designed to make them feel heard and understood. During this initial conversation, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will attempt to work out a course of action that they will take in order to allow for the divorce proceedings to be carried out in an orderly and fair manner.

What does a divorce solicitor need to know?

As no two separation cases are ever the same, the more that your divorce solicitor knows about the specifics of the case, the better they can represent you.

Although it may be hard, we always advise our clients to try to keep their emotions out of things and detail the specifics of their case in a rational way. Generally, in order to give you the best representation possible, it is important that your divorce solicitor is aware of the following:

  • Your current financial situation
  • Your family circumstance
  • Any children (if you have them)
  • Your living situation
  • The length of time you’ve been married
  • Why you are filing for divorce

Given the nature of separations and divorces, our expert solicitors know that you are probably under a lot of pressure.

This is why they are always considerate and calm in their approach. Although they may ask some personal sounding or direct questions, they will always do so in a thoughtful and attentive way – and explain that their reason for doing so is to protect your best interests.

Resolving financial matters

Clients should note that, from a legal perspective, a divorce just means that the couple is no longer legally married and are recognised as two separate people. This does not resolve any financial matters regarding the division of assets or properties.

These matters are typically handled by our expert family solicitors and can take slightly longer – depending on the specifics of the case and what both parties can agree to.

There is never one set-rule in regards to resolving financial affairs. Typically, if the couple has been married for some time, their assets will be divided 50:50, although this again depends on the specifics of each case. Part of what we do here at Prentice Family Law to facilitate the best results possible is to arrange for all of the involved parties to come to an agreement themselves. If this is not possible, we can then arrange for matters to be resolved in court.

If you are worried about facing the legal and emotional stresses of divorce on your own, do not fear. Simply reach out to us here at Prentice Family Law and we’ll help relieve the load and get you on track to a brighter future.