Representing the client’s best interest

At Prentice Family Law, we have been committed to providing clients with the highest possible standard of legal guidance, representation, care and support since we first established our practice. We know that divorces can seem daunting and terrifying for clients, and we do all we can to comfort them and support them throughout each stage in the process.

However, we do all within our extensive legal abilities to make divorce proceedings run as smoothly and amicably as possible. In cases where children are involved, we always work to ensure the child’s best interests are protected. Anyone looking for divorce Solicitors in Weybridge that they can truly rely on for support and representation should arrange to speak to one of our professional (and friendly) solicitors here at Prentice Family Law.

What does a divorce Solicitors in Weybridge do?

When people consider a divorce solicitor, there is a tendency to think of firm and directly speaking lawyers saying outrageous things as they do on TV. In reality, however, divorce Solicitors in Weybridge such as ours will do everything within their power to make sure that all proceedings are carried out in a rational and considered way.

The job of a divorce solicitor, in essence, is to facilitate a seamless separation between two partners. This involves several aspects such as dealing with their finaciances, property and assets, and custody of any children they may have.

Each case that our divorce solicitor takes on is entirely unique. As such, it is essential that a divorice solicitor approaches every case with a fresh perspective, and that they listen intensively to their clients needs and the specifics of their situation.

Important questions to ask your divorce solicitor

In order to effectively represent your best interest, it is imperative that you provide your divorce solicitor with all the relevant information they need. This includes things such as your finances, properties in your name, your family situation, and the needs of any children you have. It is also vital that you inform your solicitor of the reason for filing for divorce.

In order to best prepare your case, there are some basic questions that you should ask your family solicitor before you continue with divorce proceedings. These include:

  1. Who will be managing the case? – It is vital that clients are aware of whether or not the solicitor they are speaking with will be the one who carried out the proceedings, or if they will delegate it to another solicitor. This way clients can make sure they are getting the best service possible, and that they are in communication with a solicitor they can trust to represent them fairly.
  1. Are services offered at a fixed rate? – Another crucial piece of information that clients should be aware of before hiring a solicitor is what they are paying for! There should always be full transparency between what the client is paying, and what they expect to get in return.
  1. What are the usual turnaround times? – Clients should also make sure they are aware of the average amount of time that a family solicitor takes to carry out all necessary legal proceedings. Obviously, as each case is different, these times can vary – but you should always have a rough idea about how long things should take, before you begin.

If you require legal guidance and support when going through a separation, you can rely on our expertly trained, considerate team here at Prentice Family Law to go above and beyond to get the best result. Reach out to us today and we will get in touch as quickly as possible and begin working on your unique case.