Here when you need us most

At Prentice Family Law, we are divorce solicitors in Weybridge that recognise separations as one of the most stressful, trying and uncertain times in our clients lives.

As such, we take every possible step we can to ensure that we provide our clients with a dependable, clear and trustworthy legal service.

Rather than add to what is already a confusing time for clients by using legal jargon and terminology, we believe that it is our duty as divorce solicitors in Weybridge to provide a service that is up-front and totally transparent.

We understand that every divorce or separation is an entirely different and unique process, and – if children are involved – we always take every step possible to make sure whatever happens is in the best interest of the client and their children.

Making the initial phone call to our divorce solicitors can be the hardest part of the entire process, as it will effectively get the ball rolling. Initial nerves aside, however, in instances where both parties are deeply unhappy, separation is usually the best decision.

At Prentice Family Law we make sure that nobody has to go through the legal and emotional turmoil of divorce by themselves. By hiring our expert, approachable and understanding divorce solicitors we will stand by you throughout every step of the divorce proceedings, and do all we can to make sure you are not left in a worse-off position at the end.

What can a divorce solicitors in Weybridge do for me?

After making the initial (and often hardest) phone call to our expert family law divorce solicitor here at Prentice Family Law, we will arrange for an initial conversation to discuss the specifics of the case.

This includes certain factors which ultimately weigh into the proceedings going forwards. We always advise that you be honest and clear with your divorce solutions – after all, we are here to help your best interest, so being aware of what they are is vital.

Some of the initial matters which will be discussed include:

  • Your children (if you have any)
  • Your financial circumstances
  • Family circumstances
  • Whereabouts you live
  • Length of time you’ve been married
  • Reasons for seeking a divorce
  • Etc.

It is important that you answer these questions as clearly and truthfully as possible. We understand that it is a difficult time, but the more information we have, the clearer we can build a robust case that protects your interests.

Managing expectations

As with all things law-related, people often have a glamorised view of what proceedings are actually like. Although each divorce case is unique, there are certain resounding facts that people ought to know before they begin divorce proceedings. Recognising these can help prepare for a more likely scenario than the one on TV:

  • Timescale: Typically, a divorce will take around 6-9 months to finalise. However, a divorce (in the eyes of the law) purely means that two parties are separated. It does not resolve their financial affairs, which usually take longs – and require the aid of divorce solicitors such as ours.
  • Children come first: If you are going into a divorce proceeding intent on getting sole custody of a child, you might want to rethink things. Unless there is evidence of abuse or neglect, the law will always try to arrange an outcome where custody is shared between the two parties – in the best interest of the children.
  • 50/50: If clients have been married for several years, their assets are considered ‘’joint and usually will be divided equally between both when they split.

If you are going through a divorce and require unmatched legal support and guidance, simply arrange a consultation with us here at Prentice Family Law, and we’ll get you the care you need.