A common question that often runs through people’s minds is whether or not they still need a solicitor to deal with divorce. The simple answer is you do not need a solicitor for the application process; however, you may need the help of our divorce solicitors in Weybridge to deal with all the other complexities that occur when a married couple decides to separate.

The no-fault divorce system

Since the introduction of the no-fault system in April 2022, divorces can be carried out amicably as we have moved away from the blame-based system that was in place for many decades. The previous system required proof of adultery, unreasonable behaviour or separation, whereas, with the no-fault divorce system, you can apply for a divorce if you decide that your marriage is no longer working. Your partner cannot dispute your decision, which makes the process even much simpler.

Once the application is in place, you have a 20-week cooling-off period before you can apply for a conditional order. During this time, our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will offer you expert advice on all the matters that are linked to your divorce. Finances are one of the most complicated aspects of any divorce, as is childhood management. Our highly experienced team of divorce solicitors will be able to provide you with general advice on the matter before you make an application since all aspects of your application can have implications on the outcome. We can offer a free consultation so that we can hear your story and advise you as to how and when you should proceed. Once you have made the application, we will put together a financial agreement as well as an agreement on childcare arrangements.


You may find that you come to an agreement amongst yourselves with regard to the children; however, it is very important to know that circumstances can change very quickly. This includes the introduction of a new partner, getting married in the future, having stepchildren and many other changes that may occur, which can cause disputes. As long as they are named on their child’s birth certificate, both parents will have parental responsibility, which means you will need to continue to agree on decisions that are made concerning your child in the future; therefore, making sure that you have an agreement in writing prevents any unnecessary confrontations and complications later down the line.


In the same way, it is also important that any financial agreements are made in writing in order to protect your finances in the future. Making a financial agreement is usually one of the most important practical issues, and we will make you aware of your rights and obligations and ensure that any agreements are fair and reasonable. Once all agreements are made, we will make sure that they are approved by the court in a consent order. Speak to our team at Prentice Family Law today, and we will allocate one of our divorce solicitors in Weybridge to your case.