Although divorce is a lot more common in this modern era, it is still a complex and upsetting situation to find yourself in. At Prentice family law our specialist divorce solicitors in Weybridge are here to help you. Thanks to changes in the law the process itself has become much more simple than it was in previous years. You do not need to show evidence of the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage, rather you can tick a box on the online application form to confirm that there has been irretrievable breakdown to your marriage. However, it is still very important that you seek specialist legal advice to help you through the process.

Top legal advice and support

There are many reasons why a marriage can break down. Unreasonable behaviour is reported as the most common cause of a divorce followed by adultery. If you have been affected by these issues then you need to speak to our divorce solicitors in Weybridge at Prentice Family Law and we can provide impartial advice as to how you should proceed. The divorce process itself takes many months and this gives you a chance to reflect on your decision. If at any stage of the process you wish to change your mind then we are here to support you with that. Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge want to make the process as convenient as possible, offering a friendly, caring and understanding environment where you can share your worries and make sure that you are making the right decision for you and your loved ones. With over 20 years of experience you can be sure that we have dealt with all different types of family situations And although we completely understand that every family is unique, we will be able to help you deal with your situation in the most effective manner, easing the process for you and your loved ones, providing tailored legal advice that will work in your favour.

Seek legal advice from the beginning

To begin with, we offer a free telephone consultation where you can discuss your situation with us without any obligations before you decide whether you wish to proceed with us or if you wish to proceed at all. If you are sure that your marriage cannot be saved, then our divorce solicitors in Weybridge are here to provide you with our extensive knowledge and experience and with your best interests at heart, we will help achieve the most positive outcome for you.

At Prentice Family Law we represent clients nationwide. The application for a divorce is much easier as mentioned however if there are children involved then it is very important that you consult one of our solicitors as soon as possible to ease the process for them. If there are significant finances, assets, or pensions involved then it is also important that we are informed from the outset to help achieve a positive outcome for you. We will negotiate all factors such as child care arrangements and financial negotiations on your behalf. We hope that with our help you can look back at this time and find that you made the right decision and did the best you could do for you and your family.