We understand that this time can be a difficult one for all those involved – you, your partner, and your children. We understand that emotions will be running high at the moment, and that there are many things on your mind right now and you may need some assistance – from simple advice to some more specialist assistance.

We are a team of highly-trained lawyers and we will make every effort to ensure that you get the outcome that you deserve. This article will run through the need for a divorce lawyer, why you should consider us as a practice, what services that we offer, and what are the next steps that you should take.

Why should I use a divorce lawyer?

Divorce solicitors in Guildford could offer you an array of different services should the need arise. A divorce lawyer could help you avoid making mistakes and allow you to achieve your goals surrounding your divorce. As they understand the law and can see your situation with clarity, they can use this to help you. A solicitor can make such a situation less stressful through thorough understanding.

Why should I use your services?

Divorce solicitors in Guildford aim to offer you a positive and effective treatment. We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service that we give to each and every client. We would ensure that all of your needs are met. We are an approachable firm whose main aim is simply to help you. We understand that this time can be stressful and we aim to break down the steps that you need to take in the most understandable way. We can offer specialist and tailored advice to your specific situation, as we will ensure that you are able to contact us outside of office hours so we are always on hand.

What services are on offer?

Divorce solicitors in Guildford have many different services that you could benefit from using, such as services related to finances, mediation and international divorce lawyers. We can also deal with other areas associated with divorce, such as child custody. We can assist you with any issues that can’t be resolved with your partner without intervention. We deal with different kinds of relationships, such as unmarried couples and civil partnerships.

Legal injunctions are also a valuable service that we offer, as we can also help you set up pre and postnuptial agreements. These agreements lay out what each party is expected to do, both within the relationship, as well as what would happen if the relationship did unfortunately come to an end.

What should I do next?

If you think that our team here at Prentice Family Law could be the right fit for you, then why not get in touch? We can offer you a free telephone consultation which you can use to determine whether we are in a position to help you. You can also just get some advice for your current situation. In the meantime, you could have a look at our website. There, you will find some client testimonials which might help you make an informed decision.