Going through a separation can be an extremely upsetting and emotional time. Trying to form answers to complex legal questions and stay on top of everything can be even more difficult because of this. That is why at Prentice Family Law we do whatever we can to help you throughout the entire process of your separation.

We have divorce solicitors in Guildford who have over 20 years of experience when it comes to dealing with complex legal matters. If you are going through a separation and wish to seek legal advice or want to speak to one of our friendly, professional advisors to find out how we can help you, then we urge you to contact us as soon as you can. The early stages of your separation and the events that take place in it often influence the rest of your case extensively, so making mistakes or not fully understanding what is happening at this stage could be very detrimental.

Supporting you through every element of your separation

It is commonly mistaken that our divorce solicitors in Guildford can only help people who need representation when their case goes to trial. However, the truth is that we can be involved in your case much sooner and may even be able to prevent your case from ending up in a courtroom.

Liaising with your ex-spouse’s legal advisor from the very beginning will allow us to advise you as much as possible and gain a more in-depth understanding of your case. We can help you create legal documents and come to arrangements where your children, property or other assets are concerned. Ultimately, we want to achieve a favourable outcome for you. We operate on a nationwide basis, so even though our main offices are in Guildford and Weybridge, we can travel to the location you reside in or even operate on a more remote basis.

Seeking legal advice vs. going it alone

Whilst it is ultimately up to you whether you choose to have our divorce solicitors in Guildford represent you or not, we would like to highlight some of the benefits of seeking legal advice and representation. Going through a separation can be an extremely lonely and stressful time. Having a legal advisor to talk everything through with can not only help you speak to someone about what is going on but also enable you to get professional, realistic advice and support.

Whilst we remain professional at all times, we will be empathetic towards your situation as we are aware of how delicate these matters can be. There is a lot to sort out when you are going through a separation. You might be trying to find somewhere new to live and move house, having to take time off work or generally struggling to avoid conflicts between you and your ex-partner. Either way, having a legal advisor will dramatically reduce the pressure that you are under. If you are still unsure, arrange to have a free consultation appointment with one of our team members before you make up your mind.