When going through a divorce, it is extremely important that you have our divorce solicitors in Guildford by your side as someone you trust. Thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge and skills, we have full confidence in our ability to advise you, help you and keep you updated on your divorce proceedings throughout every stage. We understand completely how much of a stressful time this can be, especially when there are matters of children, finances, assets and pensions involved, which is why we’re more than happy to make the entire thing much easier for you. Our divorce solicitors in Guildford are here to get you your most favourable outcome.

Here at Prentice Family Law, we make our decisions with you. We understand that everyone divorce is just as unique as the family involved and so all of our knowledge, experience and skills are applied liberally to fit every problem and matter you bring to us. We want you to understand everything that is happening during the divorce and are more than willing to talk you through every process and every question you have.

In this short article, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will explain the divorce proceedings, including the petition and next steps.

Grounds for divorce

There are 5 factual circumstances that you may file for divorce on and we can help with this.

The first is adultery, which is straightforward. Unfortunately, your ex-partner will need to admit to this or you will need to find proof.

The next is unreasonable behaviour. When filing for this divorce with this circumstance, you will have to add some details and make sure they are reasons that are not normally accepted across society. Your ex-partner does not need to admit to these.

For reasons 3 and 4, the only difference is the time period. The first includes separation for two or more years and also states that your ex-partner agrees to the separation. In the event that your ex-partner does not agree, you will need to be living apart for 5 years.

Finally, there is desertion. This ground is less commonly used than the others and refers to the desertion of one spouse by the other for more than 2 years. Again, our solicitors will let you know if you fall under this circumstance.

The petitions

Once the original petition has been filed and sent to your ex-partner, known as the respondent, it is a waiting game until they complete their actions. It is important to note that you will need a copy of your marriage certificate to send off the documents once both parties have completed their sides. Once they are sent off to court, it will be checked for any errors or faults. If everything is in order and your ex-partner has agreed to the divorce, the next step will be the decree nisi.

The decrees

The decree nisi is the first stage of the divorce. You and your spouse are still married in the eyes of the law under this degree, but it is acknowledged that divorce proceedings are in motion. Six weeks and one day after the decree nisi has been pronounced, you can then, with the help of our solicitors, apply for the decree absolute, which will officially bring your marriage to an end.