If your marriage has got to the point of divorce, Prentice Family Law, divorce solicitors in Weybridge, would ask you to remember that you may not be responsible for the situation.  We come across many clients who start to find reasons as to why the breakdown of their marriage is their fault.

The first thing we do is make them understand that they may not be the cause of problems in their marriage, as well as giving them the understanding that needing a divorce may not be the failure they think it is. In most cases, a divorce may be the best solution for all involved.

As divorce solicitors in Weybridge, our team understands there are many different kinds of reasons why a couple may come to the point of needing a divorce, when listening to these we will do so in a manner that is not judgemental. Our role is simply to offer you the best advice we possibly can and help you achieve a result that is correct for you and your needs.

If you have decided to file for a divorce, meaning you are the petitioner, you may be doing so using one of the grounds about to be outlined.

Your partner has committed adultery

If your partner has been unfaithful and committed adultery you may feel that living with them has become unbearable. Many people in this position start to ask themselves what they did to deserve this. Again, we would ask you not to. Remember who committed the act of adultery. If it was not you then you should not feel any guilt or remorse.

Unreasonable behaviour

If you have been living with a spouse who has acted continuously in a manner that could be deemed as unreasonable in treating you, this could form the basis for a divorce petition. This would especially apply in cases where a spouse has acted aggressively or violently towards you. There are other grounds for a divorce being granted due to unreasonable behaviour; these include an inappropriate relationship with others, recklessness leading to debt, and problems associated with addictions.

Other main grounds for being granted a divorce

If your spouse has continuously deserted you for two years or more, meaning you cannot contact them to discuss your marriage or anything else, this can then formulate grounds for a divorce.

One of the usual ways for a divorce to be granted is where a married couple has been living apart from each other for two years and both parties agree that a divorce is required.

Where one party will not agree to a divorce, a court will then only grant the divorce after a five year period where both parties have continuously lived apart from each other.

If you need advice about your situation

If you are looking for divorce solicitors in Weybridge, Prentice Family Law invites you to contact us to arrange an appointment. At this appointment, we can discuss your situation, offer you advice that is suitable for you and help your start to put together an action plan.  Our goal is to help you achieve the correct outcome for you.