Without meaning to hammer a prominent point home, divorcing your spouse is an incredibly stressful process.

As with most things legal, you may feel like you are overwhelmed and scared, as well as worried about making a mistake that could make things worse.

But there are some things you can avoid when undertaking a divorce, which will not add to your emotional stress or your financial stress, making the whole process easier.

Call our divorce solicitors in Weybridge. At Prentice Family Law, we have helped many people reach amicable agreements relating to divorce and will work to represent your interests if your divorce gets a bit messy or emotionally complicated. Our team is trained to be impartial, so you can rest assured that we will have your best interests in mind.

So, onto the common mistakes to avoid from our divorce solicitors in Weybridge; these are our top 5!

Taking divorce advice from non-professionals

It is common when you separate from your spouse to seek your friends and family for comfort. And while it can be tempting to take their advice on these issues, it is not wise, even if they have recently been divorced.

Why? Because their case is inevitably going to differ from yours, and the only people who you can trust to give you good advice at this time are our divorce solicitors in Weybridge.

Trying to divorce your partner by yourself

Even if you are trained in family law and have overseen the divorce proceedings of others, it is rarely a good idea to undertake your own divorce by yourself. This is due to you not being able to emotionally detach yourself, which can lead to mistakes being made.

If you do not have any legal training, then you will need to seek the legal advice of our team to ensure that you make all the correct decisions and that your legal needs are met.

Sending messages to your ex or posting on Facebook

If you are on good terms with your former spouse, then there is nothing wrong with sending them messages relating to your children etc. But if you are not on good terms, try to keep things friendly. This will look better should your case go before a judge and will show that you are acting responsibly.

Do not send any confrontational messages to your ex, and do not post anything inflammatory on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Try to change your ex’s mind

As of April 2022, no-fault divorces have come into play in the UK. But this does not mean you cannot file for divorce based on the previously legally required reasons. If you want to divorce your ex due to unreasonable behaviour, and they are being unreasonable or obstructive, then you need to let us handle it and work towards an agreement with them relating to the divorce.

Getting remarried too quickly

In the UK, you need the decree absolute to be in your hands before you can get remarried. Without it, remarrying is illegal.

However, even if you are in a new relationship and are looking to remarry, do not set any dates or book venues until the divorce is finalised.