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Introduction to divorce law

Divorce has become increasingly common in the UK. What was once considered a taboo, discouraged and rarely spoken about has now become almost a norm and is openly discussed and, in some circumstances, encouraged and applauded. Nowadays, we frequently see celebrities and influencers getting divorced on social media, and their personal affairs are made very public for all to see. This is what has made divorce a norm and somewhat easier to understand.

What is divorce?

Divorce is the dissolution of marriage through the courts. Divorce is final and cannot be withdrawn once granted. Therefore, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will advise you to think about whether or not you wish to begin divorce proceedings. You will also be advised by our divorce solicitors in Guildford that divorce proceedings can be lengthy and expensive and should, therefore, not be entered lightly.

What are the grounds for divorce?

In English law, there is only one ground for divorce, and that is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. There are 5 factors that can cause the irretrievable breakdown of marriage, and they are adultery, separation for two years with consent, separation for five years, desertion and unreasonable behaviour.

Why do people get solicitors involved in divorce?

Divorce proceedings can be very complicated as it is not as simple as the judge declaring that you are divorced. There are a number of other matters that have to be finalised. This includes a couple’s finances and any joint assets such as properties and other valuables that they own together. Where the couple has an amicable relationship, these matters are usually dealt with relatively quickly as each partner is happy with the division of assets. Where there are disputes between the couple and neither partner is willing to work together to reach a resolution, there can be more complications, and this can cause the proceedings to become lengthy.

What alternative is there to starting divorce proceedings?

Due to the fact that commencing divorce proceedings in court can be very expensive and not always affordable and available to everyone, there are now other methods that family law solicitors use to engage with clients. These are known as alternative dispute resolutions and include negotiation and mediation. These alternative methods are becoming increasingly popular and almost the first port of call for couples going through marital problems. The reason why people opt for these alternative methods of resolution is due to the fact that they are a lot cheaper than court proceedings and there is not such a long wait as there is with getting a date for a court hearing. With mediation and negotiation, there is a lot more transparency and the process encourages open communication between the couple.