The matrimonial causes act 1973 states that the grounds for divorce is an irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. This requires one of the following reasons: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, 2 years of separation with an agreement for divorce or 5 years of separation with no agreement necessary. Once one of these five reasons has been established, you may continue with the proceedings for divorce.

If you are seeking a divorce from your partner, then you are the petitioner and your partner would be the respondent. If the respondent does not defend the case, then you will be granted a divorce; however, if the respondent challenges the case, then this can become a complicated and lengthy procedure.

Here at Prentice Family Law, we have a firm of divorce solicitors who can use their knowledge and expertise to put together a tailored case to help you achieve a positive outcome from this situation. We understand how traumatic divorce can be, and when there are children, extended family, finances and joint ventures involved, this can be a complicated and daunting situation to find yourself in.

Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge are here to ease the process for you. If you have found yourself in a situation that is irretrievable as listed above, then you must contact us at the onset. With legal advice and representation from the very beginning, the proceedings will be quicker and less complicated for you, and you can spend your time and efforts on what matters most at this difficult time.

Adultery and unreasonable behaviour

Adultery can be one of the most difficult things you may face in your life; however, if you have been subjected to this issue in your marriage, then the law surrounding adultery is quite complicated. You will need to provide evidence that your partner has had sexual intercourse with someone else, which can prove difficult or sometimes impossible. If the respondent agrees to the allegation, then the process will continue smoothly, and your divorce can go ahead immediately.

If the respondent is guilty of unreasonable behaviour that has made it impossible for you to live together any longer, then this is a more subjective issue. You will be asked to provide your thoughts and feelings on why you feel you are unable to tolerate their behaviour any longer, and this will be taken into consideration by the court to decide whether the divorce can be granted. Speak to our divorce solicitors in Weybridge to find out more information about these issues, and we can advise on how to proceed to ensure a positive outcome for you.

With over 20 years of experience here at Prentice Family Law, our divorce solicitors in Weybridge are proud of the service we have to offer. Therefore, we provide a free initial telephone consultation so that you can get to know our team and find out how we can approach your case. We recommend this consultation before you decide on whether you would like us to take care of your divorce for you.