When you and your former spouse are looking to legally separate, whether it is through traditional divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership, in the UK, this is a tricky process. Therefore, you will need to seek legal advice and guidance from a solicitor who is trained in both divorce and family matters that are likely to occur following a divorce. That way, you can minimise the stress that you will have to undergo and can be certain that your needs are being met.

When you meet with our team at Prentice Family Law, our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will be happy to guide you through the steps required to obtain a divorce or dissolution quickly and with the minimum of stress, while also seeking to reduce the cost to you.

So, aside from that, what are the other roles that our divorce solicitors in Weybridge will undertake? Read on to find out.

Advise you

The first thing we will do is advise you on how to get through the process as quickly as possible while ensuring that your legal rights are being met.

Our divorce solicitors in Weybridge are able to adapt their skills to a wide range of potential situations and will be able to apply their knowledge to any potential hurdles that may occur in the legal separation.

Liaise on your behalf

If you are going through a tough divorce, our team will be all too happy to liaise with your former spouses’ solicitors on your behalf. If requested, we will attend meetings for you and, in order to save money, will try to settle any issues out of court.

Attend mediation

In the UK, mediation is a vital part of the divorce process. And it can be hard to attend on your own. So, we will aim to attend the mediation meetings with you, your former spouse and their solicitor to ensure that your side of the story is told and to prevent emotions from boiling over. After all, even the most amicable divorces can result in emotions spilling over, so it is always good to have an impartial person on hand to speak for you should you become upset.

Defend you

Although the majority of divorces that happen in the UK are now predicted to be no-fault divorces, this does not mean that your rights don’t need defending.

There are matters relating to divorce that include the division of assets, childcare and guardianship, all of which will need to be defended to ensure that you still have the legal right to see your children and access to any assets tied up in property, cars or stocks and shares.

Support you

Divorce is a stressful time for you and any children that you have.

So, when you come to Prentice Family Law, you will be happy to learn that our team is on hand to support you through this difficult process and can advise you on other professionals who can offer guidance and support to you and your family if needed.