It is critically important to bear one fact in mind when considering the need for professional legal help when going through the process of getting a divorce – all decisions made during this process have the capacity to offer lifelong consequences, particularly in the areas of parenting if there are any children’s interests to be looked to, and matrimonial finances.

Without the expert advice and guidance of highly experienced divorce solicitors in Guildford such as our legal talent at Prentice Family Law, the divorce process can be immeasurably stressful and emotionally taxing. We take a look at some of the varied ways our competent divorce solicitors in Guildford can help our clients navigate the difficulties involved in the dissolution of a marriage.

Benefits of seeking specialist legal counsel during the divorce process

Our team of specialist divorce solicitors in Guildford have extensive experience in handling all matters pertaining to divorce with care and consideration for our clients’ rights and interests. We have found that our clients value our professional expertise in a number of ways.

Eases the difficulties of a divorce

Having to deal with the emotional turmoil of the divorce process our expert divorce solicitor can take the burden of handling all the required paperwork and see to meeting the filing deadlines. In addition to this clients greatly appreciate our expert negotiating skills when it comes to the legal wrangling in matters dealing with arrangements for children and monetary issues.

Side-steps delays

An experienced divorce solicitor will be able to quickly spot a potential hold-up and take necessary steps to avoid any delays that threaten to prolong the divorce process.

Handles all communication

The last thing anyone would want, especially in an acrimonious divorce, is to communicate with the ex-spouse. All communication can be expertly taken care of by our divorce solicitors on behalf of our client.

Emotionally unattached

It is the very nature of the divorce process that can make this a painful and bitter experience, so much so that emotions can get in the way of making rational decisions. This is another example of the hugely beneficial role our divorce solicitor can play in being unbiased and emotionally unattached to the situation and best placed to look after the interests of our client.

Find the best way forward

Our legal divorce experts work to find the best amicable way forward for our clients. It is in the interests of all concerned to work towards a cordial approach, especially if there are children involved.

Of course, to reap the benefit of all the above benefits, it is essential to choose the right legal help. Our professional legal team at Prentice Family Law have the relevant credentials in legal knowledge and training, and irreplaceable real-world experience to deal with all parts of the divorce process.

Seeing that a client will be working closely with their solicitor, it is important to feel comfortable with the legal practitioner you choose. We offer a free initial consultation to help prospective clients can gauge the quality of our legal expertise in protecting their rights and determining their future.