What is a divorce and what causes it?

The term divorce refers to the termination of a marriage. Cultural attitudes throughout history have varied greatly towards divorce. Citizens of Western countries today have a right to divorce. There are numerous reasons that can be behind getting a divorce. A management consultancy company that is based in the United Kingdom prepares an annual report on the causes of divorces by surveying family lawyers. The leading cause behind divorce is infidelity and extramarital sex. This is understandable; cheating is a great breach of the trust that underlies relationships and marriages and is a legitimate cause of concern for anyone in a marriage. According to this report, another important cause of divorce is domestic abuse. Unfortunately domestic abuse is still quite prevalent throughout the world. If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, it is important to know that there is help available. There are numerous domestic abuse helplines operating across the UK 24 hours a day. A lot of these helplines are also able to refer you to an emergency accommodation provider if the situation makes this necessary. Other causes for divorce include addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling and midlife crises. It is always the best to try and resolve the issues within your marriage first, however if you have made the decision on getting a divorce, contact our Divorce Solicitors in Weybridge.

How were divorces viewed in history?

Throughout history, public opinion on divorces has varied greatly. The ancient Athenians employed a very liberal approach towards divorces for their time: divorces were possible, if the person requesting it could provide reasons for the divorce to a magistrate, which were evaluated before the divorce could be authorised. In the beginnings of Ancient Roman history divorces were quite rare, but with the growth of the Roman Empire the attitude towards divorces became extremely liberal and both the husband and the wife were able to request it freely. During the reign of Rome’s christian emperors getting a divorce became very difficult as the person requesting it had to provide a very serious reason. During the Middle Ages getting a divorce was even more difficult, as marriage administration was done by the church. The spread of protestantism played an important role in the right to divorce, which became recognised mostly during the 19th and 20th centuries. Luckily today it is much easier to get a divorce than it was for our ancestors, however it can still be a challenging process. Contact our divorce solicitors in Weybridge to find out how to take the first steps.

How to cope with a divorce?

Coping with a divorce can be difficult and you must be easy on yourself. It is normal to feel a plethora of emotions when getting a divorce and it is important to know that these feelings are normal. Sharing these feelings with your close friends and family can help you cope with a divorce. Often talking to a counsellor can also be very helpful.