The history of divorces

Divorce is a term that refers to the dissolution of a marriage. Divorces first appeared in the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. Athenians were quite liberal towards divorces, however the person applying for a divorce had to give reasons for the divorce to a magistrate, who determined if those reasons were sufficient enough to authorise the divorce. During the dawn of Rome divorces were not common, however later with the Roman Empire becoming larger and more powerful, the attitude towards divorces became increasingly liberal and the marriages could have been terminated by either party. With the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire divorce laws became very strict, but Justinian during his reign from 527 until 565 introduced liberalising reforms concerning divorces. During the Medieval ages in Europe it was mostly the church that was responsible for the administration of family affairs and divorces were extremely rare. The Orthodox Church in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church however, admitted that there are situations in which a divorce is the better option. Getting a divorce today is undoubtedly easier than during the Middle Ages, but it can still be a both emotionally and legally challenging event. Contact our Divorce Solicitors in Guildford and find out more about how to go ahead with the process.

The most common causes of divorces

There are various life events that can lead to divorces. A management consultancy company from the United Kingdom carried out a survey asking matrimonial lawyers on the reasons leading to divorces. One of the main reasons divorces happen is extramarital sex or infidelity. Being cheated on by your husband or wife can be a very distressing event, which is often perceived as a great break in the trust between the married couple. Another leading cause is domestic violence. Sadly, domestic violence is fairly common. It is very important to contact support services if you have been a victim of domestic violence. Other causes of divorces were midlife crises, addictions and other factors. It is always the best to try and resolve the issues with your partner before getting a divorce, however if you have made up your mind, contact our Divorce Solicitors in Guildford who will help you go ahead with the process.

What can you do if you have been a victim of domestic abuse?

Unfortunately domestic abuse is more common than it should be. It is very important to be able to recognise if you are in an abusive relationship or marriage and take the necessary steps. If there should be an emergency, do not hesitate to call the police on 999. Additionally, you can also get support from a wide variety of organisations that are able to help you in different ways. The National Domestic Abuse helpline is a free telephone service available 24 hours a day, where you can get support and referral to emergency accommodation, if necessary. This helpline is operated by the charity Refuge, which also provides safe emergency accommodation to women going through domestic abuse.