Ending a marriage tends to be more often a complex process rather than a simple one, which is why having the representation of divorce solicitors in Weybridge is always the recommended route over the do-it-yourself divorce.

At Prentice Family Law, we have well-experienced divorce solicitors in Weybridge to help clients navigate the difficult waters of the marriage dissolution process. In our experience, the cases that involve children’s interests or the division of substantial wealth, often require quality legal expertise if clients are to protect their rights and interests.

Next to knowing why you need a legal practitioner in family law is finding the right divorce solicitors in Weybridge. Choosing the right type of legal professional to help you is essential if you are to get the outcomes you are after. How do you differentiate one divorce lawyer from another?

Tips to choosing the correct divorce solicitors

Make sure that the legal practitioner you choose specialises in the field of family law. A lawyer who does not have the related specialist experience will not know how to proceed when dealing with complex child-related cases, jeopardising the parental rights of a client.

A great divorce solicitor will perform well in court as well as out of one – many divorce cases do not need to end up in court, which requires intelligent negotiation skills to obtain desirable outcomes.

There is no substitute for practical real-world experience, so it is always wise to prioritise experience as a must-have quality. It is the nature of the marriage dissolution process for there to be feelings of hurt and anger. Decisions made to assuage the heart can prove costly in many ways, which is why the objectivity from a disinterested person is so crucial. A divorce lawyer who has dealt with a large range of divorce cases will be able to foresee the potential pitfalls of certain decisions and will be the best judge of which decisions work towards more favourable outcomes.

It is only by meeting in person that you can determine the level of professionalism a legal practitioner has. Before deciding on a particular solicitor to take on your case, meet with them in person. This meeting will reveal a number of important things like how comfortable you are to talk about personal and sensitive information with them and how confident you feel about them taking on your case. In the same way that you would choose a health professional to offer health care, choosing a divorce solicitor is a personal choice, and careful consideration must be involved in the selection process.

It is also important to choose a solicitor who has empathy. A solicitor who is only interested in racking up the legal fees will not work in your best interests. You can be sure that a client of a caring professional will make a point of letting others know this is a caring and compassionate practitioner, so look out for this tell-tale in reviews from happy and satisfied clients.

An experienced legal professional fighting in your corner to protect your interests is the best chance of you protecting your future. Reach out to us at Prentice Family Law for special legal assistance in handling your divorce negotiations.