Even at the best of times, going through a divorce is not without an element of emotional distress. Granted some divorcing couples can decide to go through it without the help of legal practitioners, but this is more of the exception, when there are no complications to entangle the process such as parental rights, significant amounts of money, as well as property. Without any complexities involved, a divorce can be fairly simple and straightforward.

When parties in a divorce have to fight over money or who gets to have the children or there are international issues to consider, hiring the brilliant team of well-experienced divorce solicitors in Weybridge at Prentice Family Law is a given.

There is no substitute for the wealth of knowledge, insight and experience our divorce solicitors in Weybridge can bring to a situation to help our clients navigate the divorce process successfully. We are best placed to ensure the divorce process is as pain and stress free as possible. Here’s what we would like you to know when considering hiring our team of highly competent divorce solicitors in Weybridge.

Essential information when getting divorced

Grounds for a divorce

There are many reasons that provide grounds for a divorce in England. These include unreasonable behaviour such as physical violence and verbal abuse, adultery, and separation and desertion. A divorce expert can help identify the most appropriate grounds to initiate divorce proceedings.

The divorce procedure

There are two main parts to the divorce process: the divorce petition initiated by one party – the petitioner, the ‘decree nisi’ which is the court’s affirmation that divorce proceedings can go ahead and the ‘decree absolute’ which is the official dissolution of the marriage. The duration of this process is typically six months, although this does depend on the workload of the court.

This granting of a divorce by the courts can take place in the absence of any agreements being made in regard to money or parental rights, in which case the legal wrangling can continue until both parties come to a suitable arrangement. It is in this phase of the divorce process that clients find most value in employing an expert divorce solicitor.


The cost of getting a divorce is one of the most important considerations for many divorcing couples. Fixed costs include the court fees and the option of hiring a solicitor to complete the paperwork. It is when it comes to battling out the arrangements for parental custody, maintenance and other monetary matters that the costs then can escalate. We advise clients to take advantage of our free initial consultation which can shed light on what the actual cost of getting divorced might be, depending on each client’s situation.

Length of marriage

Before deciding on getting divorced, the couple should have been married for a minimum of one year at least.

Is a divorce lawyer necessary?

Once again, this is dependent on a client’s situation, although in even simple divorce cases a divorce solicitor can offer the following benefits:

  1. Expertise in determining reasonable settlements
  2. Court documents correctly filed
  3. Confident negotiating

Our dedicated team of divorce experts at Prentice Family Law are suitably qualified and experienced to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes when getting divorced. For more information or to arrange an initial free consultation, please reach out to our friendly front desk team.