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We make it our priority to make the information that you need clear and easy to understand. Legal jargon can be hard to understand and we can help to bridge this gap. We understand that you might need to contact us out of normal office hours, and therefore make sure that we are reachable in your time of need. We also offer our pricing structure that is clear and transparent. We ensure that you understand all the costs that you incur and are able to keep track of these.


As divorce solicitors in Weybridge, we offer numerous services that come under the umbrella of divorce, such as services linked to finance. We also offer mediation at the same time as offering international divorce lawyers. We understand that divorce can be a difficult process to go through and we will make every effort to help you through this difficult time.

Child custody

If you and your partner struggle to come to an arrangement between yourselves surrounding who should have custody of your child or children then we can help you take the necessary steps to resolve child custody issues. The most important thing to consider is the health and happiness of your child and we will help you work to achieve the best arrangement to achieve this.

Unmarried couples

Divorce solicitors in Weybridge can provide advice linked to couples who are not married. This is sometimes known as a cohabitation agreement. This outlines the rights and obligations of each party involved in the relationship. This agreement can also outline any necessary information relating to the children attached to the relationship. The cost of this document is dependent on its complexity.

Post and prenuptial agreements

These agreements set up a written document that lays out the consequences of finances if the relationship comes to an end. Postnuptial agreements can also deal with money that you come into during your marriage. These documents allow you to be very upfront with your partner so you know exactly what will happen to your finances if the relationship does, sadly, come to an end.

Civil partnerships

Same-sex or civil partnerships are mostly treated in the same way as heterosexual marriages. To apply for a dissolution the partnership must have lasted for at least a year. The unreasonable behaviour associated with ending this relationship could include, abuse, being irresponsible with money or being unfaithful. You can also apply for desertion if your partner left you when you did not agree and without good reason.

Legal injunctions

Divorce solicitors in Weybridge can offer you an injunction, as this allows you to have peace of mind that you and anyone else in the family would be secure if the relationship came to an end.