Here’s the thing we would like clients to know – the decisions made during the dissolution of a marriage can have far-reaching consequences for your life. Are you getting a fair divorce settlement that protects your future, or have you been granted the parental rights over your children you are entitled to? These are just two of the weighty decisions that are made when finalising a divorce, and not seeking legal representation from well-skilled and experienced divorce solicitors in Guildford can harm your chances of getting the best outcome.

Our highly qualified team of divorce solicitors in Guildford at Prentice Family Law has vast experience in all types of divorce cases, from those involving significant wealth and assets to complex child custody cases.

Not sure yet if hiring divorce solicitors in Guildford is the way to go? Read on to find out the numerous ways in which getting the support of a divorce solicitor benefits you.

Prime reasons to hire our divorce solicitor

Hiring our divorce solicitor is a responsible act. Here’s why.

One of the first benefits legal representation offers clients is access to specialist legal expertise. Unlike many other situations in life where the do-it-yourself method offers rewards, the legal complexities of dissolving a marriage, especially those that involve children, debt and the division of wealth, make it too risky to go it alone without a solicitor.

Our divorce solicitors have not only the required legal knowledge but also experience in overseeing divorce negotiations. They will know all the laws that relate to children’s rights and custody and can foresee potential problems and plan appropriate strategies.

A second benefit that should not be discounted is the benefit gained from an objective perspective. It is only natural for the heart to rake the head and let your emotions get the better of you when getting divorced. Making emotionally-charged decisions do not always produce the desired results. Our divorce solicitors can bring a certain level of level-headedness to the situation, which is always the better bet for an equitable solution.

There is only one sure-fire way to protect your rights and interests in a divorce, and that is through having a legal practitioner fight in your corner. No one knows the ins and out of the divorce process better than a well-trained divorce solicitor.

As it is with any legal process, there will be a mountain of paperwork to get through and deadlines to observe. Our divorce solicitors will be quite aware of what needs to be filed when and will ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

Once you put the situation into perspective, the choice of hiring a divorce solicitor is an easy one. At Prentice Family Law, you will find a team of dedicated divorce solicitors who will provide a guiding hand and strong support in what will be one of the most difficult times in your life. Get the best outcome out of your divorce and learn more about how we can help you by contacting our offices today.