If you are looking for forward-thinking and modern divorce solicitors in Weybridge, then look no further than our team. They will provide you with compassionate, non-judgemental and proactive solutions to your financial settlements, concerns over children and divorce complications and issues that you need resolved.

We work hard to ensure that an amicable agreement can be reached, because through our experience we have noted that this is the most financially and emotionally beneficial resolution for both parties. This isn’t always achieved however and we have a range of resources and paths to take for all kinds of situations. We know that every person is unique and therefore every separation has its own curves and corners that need to be approached with caution and care.

Your divorce solicitors in Weybridge are constantly available to support and guide you through the process and to empower you with the knowledge that you need to continue on during this emotionally strenuous time. Divorce can be devastating and a lot of people are burdened with guilt, doubts and even fear which needs to be worked through before the healing process can begin.

How long does a divorce generally take in the UK?

If a separation is amicable, it can still take four to six months before all of the paperwork is completed and the divorce is final. This can drag out if there are complications regarding arrangements with children or if there are financial issues that cannot be settled in round table discussions. The more we need to involve the courts and have rulings, the longer the process will be and the longer it will be for you to begin to move forward.

During this time, we invite you to lean on your divorce solicitors in Weybridge and let them work through the tedious and sometimes confusing paperwork. This allows you to focus on what is important over the months after the decision has been made between you and your ex-partner.

We would like to assure you that if you do not want to face the other party, for whatever reason, that we are able to speak on your behalf and attend court meetings for you as well. Our role as your solicitor goes beyond providing advice and guidance, but to allowing you the opportunity to feel supported during this difficult time.

How do I know that you are right for me?

Take a look at our website to answer a few of those burning questions and begin to gain some confidence in knowing that we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We are committed to ensuring that you are given the time of day that you deserve so we know that it is not always convenient for you to come in and see us during work hours. If you would rather a skype consultation, a weekend appointment or another out of hours meeting to be arranged, then we would be happy to accommodate your needs.