If you find yourself in a situation where you are looking to divorce your spouse, but are not sure how to begin the process, our handy guide reveals all there is to know about employing divorce solicitors in Weybridge.

Here at Prentice Family Law, we try to ensure the entire process is less daunting by offering representation through a skilled divorce solicitor. Our dedicated team will be able to provide legal counsel, endless support, and advice to you throughout the process.

Discover some of the main reasons that could allow a divorce petition to be filed

If you find yourself seeking the counsel of divorce solicitors in Weybridge through our practice, you will be referred to as the petitioner in the case and your spouse will then officially be referred to as the ‘other party.’ As a petitioner you are only able to issue a petition for divorce if it falls under one of the main reasons listed below.

The first grounds for divorce can involve the act of adultery and this will justify your reason to request divorce with the help of divorce solicitors in Weybridge. If you feel that following the adulterous act you no longer wish to remain legally married to your spouse, it will be able to be classified as a valid cause for divorce.

The second situation that constitutes a valid reason for filing a divorce petition is when the petitioner feels that their spouse’s behaviour is classified as unreasonable and that they cannot stay married to them as a result of their behaviour. If you strongly feel that divorce is the only solution going forward this too would constitute grounds for divorce.

In cases where there are instances of separation between the couple, this can also be classified as grounds for a petition to be filed for divorce. This could involve your husband or wife living outside of the marital home for a two-year period or longer.

What is the first step in starting the process of divorce?

If you’re wondering how to go about divorcing your spouse and would like to begin the process, we highly recommend beginning with a consultation at our practice. We would be happy to offer guidance and advice and begin to prepare the paperwork that is needed to officially start the process.

We will offer attempting a negotiation or mediation first between the two parties before advancing to divorce proceedings.

Who is responsible for paying the legal costs of having mediation?

If you happen to decide that divorce mediation will take place it is usually suggested that the fees be split between both the petitioner and the other party. Due to our extensive experience in dealing with divorce we have discovered that if both parties share the costs, they will have a vested interest in pursuing the best outcome and this often leads to a better resolution for both sides.

When should we consider the idea of having mediation?

In most cases we would recommend considering the idea of divorce mediation. It is only when there are allegations of domestic abuse or sexual abuse that we advise clients that mediation should not take place, due to the safety risk involved.